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Diocesan Day of Prayer – Renewing our life together

17-18 November Friday 12.30pm to Saturday 12.30pm

 prayre pilgrimage

What is this day of prayer?

Bishop Trevor writes ‘our upcoming Day of Prayer is an exceptional chance for all of us as a diocesan family, both in East Kent and the Channel Islands, to pray together for renewal – for changed lives. We will  be seeking God’s renewal for ourselves as individuals, our churches and our local communities. I am hoping we can experience this day as a ‘gift’, an opportunity for our communities to participate in prayer, whoever they are, wherever that are, and however they pray’

 How can I take part?

At home – there will be resources for you to take part at home

Benefice Prayer Event at St Nicholas – Saturday morning 17 November

Diocesan Prayer Event in Faversham with Bishop Trevor – Saturday morning 17 November 10.30am-1.30pm

Pilgrimage Walk to Faversham… Richard is planning a prayer pilgrimage walking from the Augustine Cross to Faversham: Thursday 16-Saturday 18 November. If you want to join Richard on any / all of these walks give him a ring (821250) –  there are no hills and he’d rather not walk alone – he may get lost!

For more details and resources: