Wantsum Connected - Covid 19

We have been instructed by the Archbishops that our usual pattern of Sunday services and other mid-week gatherings are as of now put on hold.

However, this does not mean church has now stopped – far from it. 

We have been asked by our Archbishops and Bishop Rose to be a church that serves people in a different way – ‘a radically different kind of church’. In the Wantsum Benefice we are planning on doing this by initially following these four principals: 

·      Keep praying

·      Keep connected

·      Show unusual kindness

·      Keep safe


Keep praying

Church opening: Minster and St Nicholas will remain open every day; Monkton will remain open at weekends. People can come into our churches to pray and find a place of rest, solace and peace observing physical distancing. 

Prayer resources: We will have prayer resources in each church to help people to pray when they come in. 

Daily prayer: 

Monday – Saturday: Richard, Karen, Vicky and Michael have committed to say Morning Prayer at 9.00am and Evening Prayer at some point each day. 

When possible this will be in Minster Church daily and on occasions in our other churches

Sunday: Morning Prayer will be said at St Nicholas (10.15am) and Minster (10.30am). 

These are not public services – but prayers being said ‘for the people’; if anyone enters the church they will need to maintain safe distances. 


Keep connected                 We would like to:

Create Connect Groups for and within each church. 

·      With someone to maintain the links within each group and notice any particular needs.

·      These link people to be connected and supported regularly themselves.

·      Groups to be connected by: phone / email / Facebook.

·      Taking particular care of people who do not have access to the above. 

Send a daily post: with bible passage / reflection / prayer to individuals in these groups

Provide contact details of clergy and pastoral assistants


Show unusual kindness

When Paul was shipwrecked and landed on the island of Malta – the islanders ‘showed unusual kindness’ (Acts 28:2)

How we can show unusual kindness will look different in different communities at different times. But it is important that we endeavour to do so. This could be the work of a Connect Group; or another group of people. 

For example: some people at St Nicholas are looking to set up an intentional support network; Minster is exploring working with the Salvation Army as necessary. 

Showing unusual kindness could be writing someone a letter; ringing up someone for a chat. 

But let’s share what these kindnesses are and pray for each other along the way. 


Stay safe

Within all of this – we are tasked to look after ourselves; to stay safe and observe guidelines as set out by the authorities. 

For information about the church, someone to talk to or if you would welcome prayer please contact us: info@wantsumchurches.org     Revd Richard Braddy 01843 821250