Wantsum Connected - Covid 19

Following Government guidelines our churches now remain closed until further notice.

Our church buildings are an important and visible witness and symbol of God’s presence in our villages – this has been the case for hundreds of years and even though the doors remain closed, this still remains the same. As a group of churches we continue to be a prayerful heart to the community offering support and care in new and different ways. 


As part of Bishop Rose’s call for us to be a church that serves people in a different way – ‘a radically different kind of church’ – the Wantsum Benefice has established these four principals: 

·      Keep praying

·      Keep connected

·      Show unusual kindness

·      Keep safe


Keep praying

Prayer resources: There are prayer resources on our website to help people pray at home in these uncertain times. We are also providing a daily email newsletter to help with prayer. Canterbury Cathedral live streams two daily services which can be accessed online at the time or afterwards. 

Daily prayer: Our ministry team will continue, each day, to say Morning Prayer (at 9.00am) Evening Prayer and pray at other times in the day. Even though this is in our own homes we are all still connected by prayer. If you are able please join us by praying at 9.00am or at other times - if you would like some resources to help with this – please get in touch. 

Sunday Worship: each week we will be broadcasting on YouTube a short act of worship. You can find details from the Newsletter or simply email us. 


Keep connected                 

Connect Groups for and within each church: we are in the final stages of creating these small groups to link people together by phone or other messages and to notice and share any particular needs. This can be expanded as necessary. 

Wantsum Newsletter: this is being emailed daily with a short bible passage, reflection and prayer. This is also a great way to share other news and information. If you don’t yet receive this, but would like to, please email Michael (info@wantsumchurches.org)


Show unusual kindness

When Paul was shipwrecked and landed on the island of Malta – the islanders ‘showed unusual kindness’ (Acts 28:2). As Christians, we are called to be people who love and serve God and each other. Through the power of the Holy Spirit acts of unusual kindness are a sign of this calling. A simple phone call or message can make a huge difference – so let’s get thinking! 


Stay safe

Within all of this – we are tasked to look after ourselves; to stay safe and observe guidelines as set out by the authorities. 


Get in touch:

Please contact us if you wish to talk to one of the ministry team, would welcome prayer, need any assistance or like further information: 

Revd Richard Braddy 01843 821250 | Revd Karen Gooding 01843 216357 | 

Revd Vicky Coneys 01843 585437 | Revd Michael Darkins 01227 219911