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Please see 'What's on' to see details activities across the Wantsum Benefice which comprises of the churches in Chislet, St Nicholas-at-Wade, Monkton and Minster in Thanet. 

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Services across the villages of the Wantsum Benefice 

You are welcome to attend any of our services across the Benefice. 

At each church it is possible to sit with friends although there are also areas where social distancing is maintained should you wish. Face coverings are optional, but we are mindful of people who may feel vulnerable. 

We are singing again, and you will find something familiar in our worship and welcoming faces at each of our churches. 


1st Sunday

2nd Sunday

3rd Sunday

4th Sunday



Holy Communion


Holy Communion




Holy Communion

Morning Worship

Holy Communion

Morning Praise




Holy Communion


Family Praise with Communion in Mar, June, Sept and Dec.

St. Nicholas 10.30am

Village Worship

Holy Communion

Morning Light


at Manor Hall

Holy Communion



If you wish to talk to someone, need support or would welcome prayer please contact:

Wantsum Benefice:

    Keep praying      Keep connected     Show unusual kindness      Keep safe

For prayers at this time - please click here.

A prayer for all affected by the Coronavirus pandemic

With our hearts full of anxiety for the safety of the world,

we cry to you, Lord, for:

protection for the healthy,

courage for the frightened,

consolation for the bereaved,

wisdom for the doctors,

strength for the carers,

good news for the poor,

and, in the goodness of your mercy, an end to the virus.


    Keep praying     Keep connected      Show unusual kindness      Keep safe


Welcome to the Wantsum Benefice. We are a group of four churches bringing alive the good news of Jesus to our communities situated along the River Wantsum.

We are here to serve the people in the areas of Chislet, Minster, Monkton and St Nicholas-at-Wade by making real the love of God through Jesus Christ.   Whether you live locally, are a visitor, looking for something new or have questions to ask we hope you will come and join us and be part of the journey we are making together.

Here you will find information about our four churches, our services and activities and how to make arrangements for baptisms, weddings and funerals.

We'd love to welcome you to any of our events and activities, or at a Sunday service at any of our churches. We know that going to church for the first time can feel strange, so we'll do everything we can to make you feel welcome and at ease. Whatever's going on in your life, just come as you are, and see what difference God can make.